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AR. Faiza Tayyab


With more than 15 years of experience, MB Consultant is widely recognized for its responsible and responsive services in the city of Gujranwala. In addition to providing smart investment options, we have also focused on creating ever growing business family to offer an ideal platform for all buyers and sellers. The veteran team working at our premises is renowned for being dependable executors of fair property transactions. The modern work methodologies we employ revolves around up dissemination of to date market knowledge and expert utilization of modern real estate tools to put forth timeless property solutions for our valued clientele.
We operate in Palm City, Master City, Ajwa City, Citi Housing and DHA. Our client friendly behavior and well implemented work ethos ensure that a good level of trust forms the base of every deal we present to our valued clients. The listing database we have regularly gets updated and we work hard to ensure that our clients retains full control over their real estate destiny. We deal in sale, purchase and rent of both residential and commercial properties.

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